Results + TotW – Round 18

14202594_10154023592462815_5420109437958969133_n As the season draws to an end our Monash Women’s Vic League 2 team knew that they hadn’t put themselves in the easiest position to make their finals dream come true. Facing off against third placed Melton, the girls needed a draw or a win to secure forth place.

It was the third time the farmers had played Melton this season obtaining a win round four and a loss round 11 and boy where the Women’s 1s ready for another win to scare the opposition come the semi finals.

The game started out even, with the support of the homegrown and a perfect day for some stickball Monash’s defence were holding Melton out strong and conversions were coming through the midfield to the forwards but unfortunately no goals had gone into the net by half time.

Remembering their inspiration for the game, Rio pentathlon gold medalist Chloe Esposito, the girls came into the second half determined.

A 16 yard hit from Monash in the early stages of the second half was almost trapped by the opposition but Monash’s Tayla Hubbard pounced on the opportunity to intercept a wobbly ball in our attacking 25. Approached by three of Melton’s defence, Steph Cassin was left in perfect position left of the goal. She received the ball from Tayla and had a solid hit at the goal that was beautifully deflected in by Rachel Rodrigues.

Monash maintained their 1-0 lead for the remainder of the game and will face Melton again this week in the first final.

Around the Grounds:

M1 vs St Bernards 4-1
M2 forfeit by St Bernards
M3 vs Tems 0-2
M4 vs Frankston 0-0
M5 Bye

Mens Masters 1 vs Frankston 2-1

W1 vs Melton 1-0
W2 vs Melton 0-2
W3 vs Footscray 4-0
W4 vs Camberwell 0-1

Womens Masters A @ Footscray 0-1
Womens Masters B vs Powerhouse 1-5

U14 vs St Bedes Blue 1-1
U10 vs Waverley 0-6

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