2017 SNHC Membership – now via Mobile App

Accessing Your 2017 Hockey Victoria Digital Membership Card

Prior to your next visit to the SNHC, you will need to download and activate your Digital Membership Card using the 2017 SportsPass App.

Step 1: Visit the SportsPass website www.sportspass.com.au on a mobile device.
Step 2: Click ‘join’ and follow the prompts to download the 2017 SportsPass App by either selecting to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
Step 3: Once the SportsPass App is downloaded, select Register and follow the prompts to create a SportsPass Account (including a photo of yourself, similar to a passport). Select ‘Add Now’ in the Your Membership Cards section.
Your Organisation is: HOCKEY VICTORIA and the unique membership number for First Name Surname is ‘HV17XXXXXX’ (make sure to include all digits including HV17).

When entering the SNHC, you must ensure you have a charged mobile device, access to the SportsPassApp and enter by selecting your 2017 HV Membership Card within the App to reveal your barcode and use this to scan in at the gates.

Managing cards for more than one member with the same email address / account?
The SportsPass App allows members to manage their entire families Membership Cards through a single account on multiple devices. When adding Membership Cards, select SELF for the first card and DEPENDENT for all subsequent HV 2017 Membership Cards added to your account. Please ensure that you use the correct Member’s Digital Membership Card to scan in for each member upon entry.
The SportsPass App allows you to set up Dependent Cards so all the Playing Members in your family can access their card using the same login credentials including email address. To add additional cards, visit the Dependent Card section in the SportsPass App!

– If a Membership Card is not presented at the time of entry, applicable SNHC gate entry prices will apply.
– Included SNHC Entry is only applicable for designated Hockey Victoria visits only. This includes High Performance Programs, State Teams training, Hockey Victoria Events and Programs based at the SNHC. Entry is inclusive of 2017 HV Winter Competition Finals Series. Restrictions may apply. Does not include entry to ticketed, Ticketmaster and non-hockey related visits.
– The 2016 HV membership card is no longer valid and will not work at the SNHC entry gates.

– Supporter Members will access the venue via a NEW 2017 physical membership card.

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