Results + TotW – Round 1

A new coach, new faces, new league, and a new year. No one was quite sure how Round 1 of the HV season would kick off, but Coach Ricky Davies was quietly confident.

Monash went out to a cracking start, with Elizabeth ‘Buff’ Rees leading from the front and scoring the first goal for Monash, while the always dangerous Rachel ‘Roddy’ Rodrigues wasn’t far behind. It was all over at the change, but were they tears of joy or sorrow heading back to the locker rooms?

Read on to find out, as well as all the results from last weekend.

Spoiler Alert: They’re team of the week for a reason.

Definitely, definitely tears of joy. Yes, it’s true, Monash went into the half time break 8-0 up against Melton after a dominant display by the girls.

As mentioned, Buff scored the first goal and Roddy managed to upstage her with 3 goals in the first twenty minutes.

New addition Kate Wilcox was dominant down back but didn’t have too much to do so was swung into the midfield just for funsies.

Jas Bunting was handy with 3 goals of her own, while keeper Victoria Hogan kept herself busy by nagging the defenders and keeping an excellent defensive structure.

Goals to: Rodrigues (3), Bunting (3), Gaby van Dam, Kate Wilcox, Elizabeth Rees, Liv Grimwade

Shout out to the Reserves side who put on a nice little pregame show, winning their match 7-0.

Womens 1s @ Melton 10-0
Womens 2s @ Melton 7-0
Womens 3s vs Yarra Valley 0-4
Womens 4s @ Mentone 0-7

Mens 1s @ Old Xavs 1-4
Mens 2s @ Old Xavs 2-1
Mens 3s @ Footscray 2-1
Mens 3s @ Camberwell 0-0
Mens 5s @ Collegians 0-5

Womens Masters 35A vs Hawthorn 1-2
Womens Masters 35BSE vs Knox 2-1

Mens Masters 35BE @ ECHO 5-1
Mens Massters 35BS @ Waverley 2-3

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