Here is a list of things to consider before Saturday, you are welcome.

1) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – if you do not pay rego, you will not be playing in Round 1.

To ensure everyone is covered by insurance, Monash Hockey Club will be operating on a NO PAY NO PLAY policy from Round 1. Thus, if you haven’t already, click this link and fill in your details:
As an additional incentive, after Saturday a $50 late fee will be applied to registration payments. Contact treasurer Alex to sort out a payment plan.

2) APPLY FOR A TRANSFER – if this is your first season at Monash and you’ve previously played for another club anywhere in Australia, you need to talk to Steph (women) or Britto (men) to get that happening ASAP (i.e. right now).

3) UNIFORM – buy it at training tonight or Thursday.

4) SHIRT NUMBER – 1s and 2s, you cannot take the field for round 1 if you don’t have a shirt number. Get one. Just Hockey is the best place for this because they use an industrial iron and it will NEVER come off. While you’re there, you can check out the other goodies:

Do yourself and your teammates a solid by getting these things sorted by Saturday and then you’re in for smooth start to the season.

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