Award Nominations Open

Farmers there is no doubt we have some amazing people that keep our hockey club the way it is, and now it’s time for them to be recognised!

The categories we have are Best Clubperson, Best Male/Female First Year, Most Improved Male/Female, and Team of the Year.

If you know someone who deserves a chance at one of these awards, now is the time to let us know!

Nominate people using this SurveyMonkey link.

Nominations close on the 17th, and voting will open shortly afterwards.

There were a few speed bumps on the road to finals glory on the weekend, but SEVEN Monash teams are still in play to bring a shiny new trophy back to the farmhouse and THREE teams are straight through to the big dance!

M1s def Old Xavs in a shootout — through to the GF
M2s def Old Xavs in a shootout — play for a GF spot 12.15pm Sunday (SNHC2)
W1s def by Werribee 3-5 — play for a GF spot 12pm Sunday (SNHC1)
W2s def by Werribee 0-1 — play for a GF spot 10.15am Sunday (SNHC2)
M4s def Old Xavs 3-0 — through to GF
W4s def by Mentone 1-3 — play for a GF spot 2pm Saturday (Monash)
Mens Masters 35E def Doncaster 4-3 — through to GF
U16s def by Mornington 0-2 — eliminated from finals contention

Finals time!

Farmers we have an absolute bumper weekend chock-full of finals games for you to attend. The strength of our sides this season is obvious with EIGHT teams donning the farmhouse blue across the round, and there is sure to be a game you can get to.

Congratulations to all those teams playing finals, let’s get down and cheer them on!

U16s vs Mornington @ Peninsula – Friday 8pm

Mens 4s vs Old Xavs @ Monash – Saturday 12pm
Womens 2s vs Werribee @ Hawthorn 2 – Saturday 2pm
Womens 4s vs Mentone @ Mentone – Saturday 3pm
Mens 2s vs Old Xavs @ Hawthorn 1 – Saturday 4pm

Womens 1s vs Werribee @ Footscray 1 – Sunday 3pm
Mens 1s vs Old Xavs @ Footscray 1 – Sunday 5pm

Mens 35BE vs Doncaster @ Monash – Monday 7pm

Farewell to the U10s!

The Monash U10s braved a wet and windy Saturday to play their final game of the season and the final U10s game for Monash.
A massive thanks goes to all the family members cheering from the sideline and their support all season, as well as the Dandenong Hockey Club for organising and hosting the competition.
We also need to thank Steph Cassin and Whitney Sylivris who coached the little ones and put in all the time and hard work through the year.

Results + TotW – Round 6

Those who are familiar with Ivan Britto’s coaching probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear his players joke and laugh about how his repeated mantras and catchphrases have been seared into their brains.

They might be a little surprised to hear that he actually tested this theory out by not showing up to the game, telling the girls he had nothing left to tell them and that they could do it on their own.

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Results + TotW – Round 3

Playing with less than the standard 11 players is never a textbook coaching move, but Womens Pennant D coach Matt Down is far from conventional.

Known to practice Tai Chi in his spare time and to enforce mindfulness techniques on his players above any practical hockey skills, he was confident even with less bodies on the field his girls would make up for it with their interconnected spiritual oneness.

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