Results + TotW – Round 6

Those who are familiar with Ivan Britto’s coaching probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear his players joke and laugh about how his repeated mantras and catchphrases have been seared into their brains.

They might be a little surprised to hear that he actually tested this theory out by not showing up to the game, telling the girls he had nothing left to tell them and that they could do it on their own.

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Results + TotW – Round 3

Playing with less than the standard 11 players is never a textbook coaching move, but Womens Pennant D coach Matt Down is far from conventional.

Known to practice Tai Chi in his spare time and to enforce mindfulness techniques on his players above any practical hockey skills, he was confident even with less bodies on the field his girls would make up for it with their interconnected spiritual oneness.

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Results + TotW – Round 1

A new coach, new faces, new league, and a new year. No one was quite sure how Round 1 of the HV season would kick off, but Coach Ricky Davies was quietly confident.

Monash went out to a cracking start, with Elizabeth ‘Buff’ Rees leading from the front and scoring the first goal for Monash, while the always dangerous Rachel ‘Roddy’ Rodrigues wasn’t far behind. It was all over at the change, but were they tears of joy or sorrow heading back to the locker rooms?

Read on to find out, as well as all the results from last weekend.

Spoiler Alert: They’re team of the week for a reason.

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