WANTED: 1 x Men’s VP

Are you keen on the idea of being a part of the legends that make up our hockey committee? We’re looking for someone to take over from old mate Ivan who liaises between players, coaches and the committee (ensures individual’s voices are heard and everyone feels included), organises practice matches and generally is just an approachable human.

Being on the committee is a lot of fun and it’s great to see what you can achieve as a team. Keen to have you on-board to make 2019 an epic one! Send us a message or talk to Rodrigues if you’re keen to save us some grief and give the role of Men’s Vice President a crack!

2019 committee

With the New Year comes a #newyou and also a (partially) new hockey committee!

We owe a HUGE thank you to the 2018 committee who have done a huge amount of work behind the scenes to ensure the club runs successfully and smoothly. Not only a thank you but also a goodbye to Ivan Britto, Em Wilko, Amelia Tivey, Nikhil Sarin, Trini Katherine, James Willing, Thomas Anders and Keenan Robbie. Thank you for your dedication to the club because, let’s be honest, the Club would have deteriorated into absolute chaos if it were not for your collective efforts!

Please welcome the 2019 Monash University Hockey Club General Committee 👏👏👏👏👏

President | Rachel aka Roddy
Secretary | PJ aka Mems
Treasurers | Alex aka Alpaca + Javira
HV Liaison | Paul aka Donny
Women’s VP| Steph aka Cassin
Masters VP | Alice aka Left
Canteen | Taylor and Caroline
Men’s Coordinator | Shivani
Women’s Coordinator | Seth
Fundraising | Jacqui aka Kitchen
Sponsorship | Jayson
Communications | Meg
Equipment and Uniforms | Damien aka Maysie
Socials | Meg aka Thomo + Erica
Umpiring | Will aka Duddy

Happy festive season!

Happy festive season everyone!

Hope you’re finding time to relax and eat lots and that no one is doing anything too embarrassing at the staff Christmas party… MOST IMPORTANTLY, we hope you’re starting to get a little bit nostalgic about those great times you’ve spent on the hockey pitch because PRESEASON IS COMIN’ BABY!

Put it in your diary! 🏑🗓💙 Women start January 19 | Men January 29

To keep up to date with times and locations, click attending on these events:
Women – https://www.facebook.com/events/993849290824120/
Men – https://www.facebook.com/events/272167893456794/

Monash happily welcomes players of all walks of life and different skill and fitness levels so if you’re interested in getting involved don’t hesitate to come along. Keen to meet you and get you amongst the good vibes that is Monash Hockey! Please feel free to message us here if you have any questions or hesitations 😊

famers cup wrap-up

The Farmers Cup concluded today with Purple versus Orange for First Place!

We had a great summer comp at the Farm and want to send out thanks to everyone who took part – we have such a great club culture here and it’s great to relish in! Thanks for contributing to the good vibes that is Monash Hockey!


Along with the committee positions up for grabs at our AGM on November 12th, we are looking for a Monash student who will still be a student in 2020 and who would like to undertake a mentorship with our Treasurer.

It is important that we have students on our committee, including in the Executive Committee (of which the Treasurer position is one). As a result, our current Treasurer, Alex (aka Alpaca), would like to take on a first- or second-year Monash student to learn the ropes in 2019 and eventually take over the position for 2020.

As treasurer, you are responsible for the clubs budget and finance. Being the treasurer of an official sports club with a turnover in excess of $100,000 per year is a fantastic life experience full of real-world knowledge. This is a great experience to list on any resume as it shows responsibility, intelligence and great decision-making skills along with fundamental accounting know how gained along the way. If you have an eye for money and what some real world experience then this is the job for you.

Being part of the committee is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. The work carried out by the committee is done by a great group of people who have a great time together both on and off the field. I would encourage anyone interested to run for a position, learn some life skills and have a great time along the way (not to mention the monthly dinners and drinks get together which is a plus).

– Generally being responsible for the clubs financial position;
– Assisting club event organisers with budgeting;
– Budgeting for the year as a whole; and
– Running the bank accounts and accounting books for the club.

HOURS PER WEEK: Pre-season is 3 hours a week; during the season is 1-2 hours per week maximum; offseason is <1 hour per week.

Fundraising Manager position vacancy for 2019

Our AGM is happening Nov 12 and we have some committee position up for grabs! Trini, our 2018 Fundraising Manager, has had a ripper year and is graduating into full-time employment in December – congrats Trin! Thus, her position is up for grabs. Could you be our next Fundraising Manager?

“I like to think if everyone gives a little, great things happen. So being on the committee has been my chance to give a little to help the greatness that is Monash University Hockey Club.”

POSITION: Fundraising Manager

– Organising fundraising events throughout the year with various companies;
– Work with Communications Manager to advertise events to club members.

Stakeholder management, time management, event management, leadership, teamwork and communication.



Are you our new Equipment and uniforms manager?

Our AGM is happening Nov 12 and we have some committee positions up for grabs!

POSITION: Equipment and Uniforms Manager

– Purchase and order new balls, face masks and bibs;
– Complete ordering of Kookaburra merch;
– Manage the Equipment and Uniforms annual budget.

Working with the President, Treasurer, external companies and club members shows off your ability to manage stakeholder interests. It will also show you are organised and can communicate well.

HOURS PER WEEK: 1hr per week at the start of the season, down to very, very little later in the year.