Call for photos and highlights

Take some great hockey-related snaps this weekend?

We can’t make it to every match but we still want to get all the goss! If you’re willing to share your photos or game highlights with the club, please send them through to us via Facebook message or email ( so we can include them in the weekly wrap-ups or on our Instagram account @monashhockey

Looking forward to seeing many entertaining snaps! Here are some taken by @weltzocam for inspiration.


Women’s Round

Women’s Round was an away match for most Monash teams so we celebrated at training instead!

Forty-five amazing women on the pitch tonight but there are many, many more who are a part of our club. We are so proud to have such driven, talented and determined women who choose to play on our teams and sit on the committee, all contributing to making our club such a pleasure to be around!

Double Farmdome

Double farmdome this weekend!


What does that mean? It means Monash v Casey for each of the four matches and the Men’s 3s are finishing off the day verses Camberwell. We’re betting Casey will bring along a cheer squad so time to get around that team spirit and show ’em who’s turf it is! Stick around to cheer on your fellow Farmers for a day of entertaining hockey, hot food and furry friends. It’s promising to be a chilly and wet one so really there’s no better place to be than at the clubhouse munching on a hot pie. (While the wifi means if you get bored you can pretend to support while actually playing candy crush, win.)

Expect the usually exceptional feed with snags + accessories, combo burgers, hash browns and pies. KEEN.

12:30pm Vic League 1 Women
2pm Vic League 1 Reserves Women
3:30pm Vic League 1 Men
5pm Vic League 1 Reserves Men
6:30pm Pennant D Men

New Merch

With our sick new sponsors KOOKABURRA we’re laughing our way to new merch for the farm woohoo!

You have 4 new pieces to mix and match, see Roddy for sample materials and sizes.
– Short Sleeve $40
– Long Sleeve $45
– Hoodie $60
– Rain Jacket $65

To get your hands on the new get up pay please ensure you pay for it at the canteen with a committee member *BEFORE MAY 26TH*
It is essential that you pay with a committee member so they can record your name and shirt number. After May 26th we’ll put the order in with approximately a month turnaround until you’ll be rocking the merch.

Pretty sweet hey? Thanks Kookaburra Hockey!

Check out all Kookaburra’s hockey and cricket gear at their website: