Monash Masters teams are always looking for new players so if you are 34 or over, have a bit of experience (or not), and feel like a run around a hockey pitch, drop us a line. We’d love to have you join us. Point people for Masters members are Alice, our Masters Vice President, and .

Masters players are welcome to play in just the Master’s leagues, or – if that isn’t enough hockey in your life – members are encouraged to join a Seniors team as well.

Some information on the Women’s Masters teams:

Monash HC has two Women’s Masters teams, both currently competing in the B grade competition on a Wednesday evening. The teams are very social and enjoy great camaraderie within and between the teams. There is always plenty of friendly banter and lots of laughs. The age of players varies from 34 years of age to over 65.

Whilst one team is slightly stronger than the other, players often switch between teams as needed to accommodate availability, family & work commitments, injury and illness. Both teams are fairly competitive and enjoy a hard-fought game. However, as the saying goes, the older we get, the better we were……

Players often catch up outside of game times, pre-match warm-up involves mostly talking and all of us have forgotten what the word training means. There is always dinner at the end of the season and sometimes a counter meal before the game! Our faithful cheer squad consists of one dedicated partner, the odd pooch or two and a few kids.

The aim of the game is to have fun, keep up a bit of fitness and enjoy each others company.

For the 2019 season Monash Hockey Club will likely be represented in the following Master’s competitions:


  • Women’s Masters BSE (two teams)
  • Men’s Masters A
  • Men’s Masters C

Please find the fixtures for these competitions here, click on the drop-down menu which says ‘All Clubs…’ and scroll down to click on ‘Monash University Hockey Club’.

For more information, please contact Alice, our Masters Vice President, , and/or .