Happy Fair Go Round!

Our men’s 4s played at the farm yesterday, donning rainbows on their laces, shin guards and the pitch fence to show their support for diversity of gender, sex and sexuality in our club and sport.

They also had an epic game, drawing against Doncaster Hockey Club 1 – 1. Goal keeper Dan Griemink made some spectacular saves, including successfully defending a stroke that was played out in extra time! Alex Phomphoukhao received an award for being the most inclusive player and showing the best sportsmanship throughout the match.

The #pride spirit will remain at the farm next weekend for our Saturday farmdome and we look forward to seeing you in your best rainbow top/scarf/flag cape/socks/wig as we celebrate diversity in our sport!

Click attending on our Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2004234182940465/

I also heard a rumour about rainbow cupcakes…

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🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 Fair Go Sport Round🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

This weekend (round 15) is Fair Go Sport round, a round that celebrates the wonderful people of different sexualities and genders who play hockey. This round also celebrates diversity and inclusion in all their different forms, and Monash University Hockey Club is proud to be supporting it.

Less than a year after the postal survey on same-sex marriage, this weekend is also a really good chance for everyone to reflect on the power that words and actions have to make people feel unwelcome.

Sport is sometimes competitive and spirited, but there’s never an excuse for homophobic, biphobic or transphobic words or actions. Unfortunately, though, we know that a very large number of LGBTQIA+ people have experienced discrimination and/or hide their sexuality or gender while playing sport.

In 2011, after a high profile Melbourne goalkeeper named Gus Johnson came out publicly in an emotional youtube video, Hockey Victoria partnered with the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission to make hockey clubs more inclusive places for everyone.
Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnK1qOMG5dI

This weekend, with most teams playing away, Monash is supporting Fair Go Sport round with rainbow shoelaces across all grades. If you don’t already have a pair, there is a box of them in the clubhouse. The Men’s 4s are playing Doncaster at Monash at 11am on Sunday, with an award for inclusivity and speeches after the game. We are keen to celebrate as a club and as such will be hosting a Fair Go Farmdome in Round 16 – look out for the Facebook event!

Monash University Hockey Club encourages everyone to get involved and show their support.

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Well done Sarah

Congratulations are in order to Sarah Duncan for her debut umpiring in the Victorian Premier League! Sarah is taking huge strides in the umpiring arena while continuing her time with our Vic League 1 Squad AND completing VCE – what a superstar! Great work Sarah!

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(R)Amping up on safety!

Incredibly proud to announce Monash University Hockey Club now has a defibrillator!

Thanks to CFA (Country Fire Authority), in partnership with St John Ambulance Australia, our club will be better prepared to manage a medical emergency.

According to australianfirstaid.com.au, if you apply a measured shock to a person’s heart, suffering a lethal rhythm within the first minute, they have a 70% chance of survival. Having a defibrillator on hand will increase our chances of saving someone’s life during a sudden cardiac arrest.

We love hockey. But we love our hockey community, family, friends and dogs more, so we’re very excited to be (r)amping* up the safety around our Club.

* Hope you enjoyed that tasty pun.



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Charity Round Wrap-Up

*** $1507.60 raise for The Resilience Project! ***

Huge thank you to all of our members, friends, Knox Hockey Club and KBH Brumbies Hockey for rallying around the farm last Saturday to support The Resilience Project during our charity round. Over the weekend we raised $753.80, which the club matched to bring us up over $1.5k!

The Monash University Hockey Club is incredibly proud of the hockey community’s willingness to support a great project which delivers engaging programs to schools, sports clubs and businesses to provide them with practical and positive mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness.

Thank you to everyone who donated their time, culinary/photography skills and/or money over the weekend, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! You can find all the pics on our Facebook page.

Additional thanks to our friends at Kookaburra Hockey & Big Dogg Australia (beanies) for our rad new merch! Everyone is walking around in beanies and hoodies, increasing the community spirit tenfold.


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Two exciting additions for this weekend at the Farm.

  1. YOUR MERCH IS HERE: For all those who purchased the super cool Kookaburra merch you will be able to collect it from the canteen from THIS SATURDAY onward.
  2. YOUR DONATION HAS TWICE THE IMPACT*** BIG NEWS: Monash University Hockey Club has pledged to match every dollar raised for The Resilience Project this weekend, up to $1000! ***

    Give those couch cushions a good search, collect all coins floating in the car and annoying shrapnel from your back pocket – time to put it to good use!

    For those reluctant, Dave Ramsey has some encouraging words: https://www.daveramsey.com/b…/why-giving-makes-you-feel-good

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Charity Round: A Farmdome and Family Day

1 in 5 adults experience mental ill-health every year.

In addition to this, as a university club, many of our members are young adults who have just moved out of home, away from their support networks and into new environments. These experiences can be challenging and contribute to even higher rates of mental illness.

For this reason, Monash Hockey Club is choosing to support The Resilience Project during our 2018 Charity Round. The Project aims to teach positive mental health strategies to schools, sports clubs and businesses; providing them with evidence-based, practical strategies to build resilience.

To support the Project, we will be hosting an extra-special farmdome on the Saturday of Round 12, aiming to raise funds and awareness for the organisation and its cause.

WHEN: Saturday 12:30pm-6:30pm
WHO: all Monash players – juniors, all grades of seniors and masters, Knox Hockey Club Women and KBH Brumbies Hockey Men, any and all supporters and probably a few doggos.
WHERE: Monash University Hockey Ground
– Raffle: Kookaburra merch, meat tray, more exciting prizes.
– Free food spread put on by the Monash players!
– A quick chat about the importance of having conversations about mental health (R U OK?) and info on the Resilience Project
– Gold coin gate donation
– BBQ: snags, onion, hasbrowns
– Canteen: lollies and drinks

This is an incredibly important cause and we look forward to supporting it with a day of fun, food, family and friends!

For more info on The Resilience Project, please take a look at their website: https://theresilienceproject.com.au/
Or download the app!


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HUGE congratulations

HUGE congratulations to four of our Women’s Masters players for being selected to represent Victoria at the upcoming Australian Women’s Masters Championships in WA!

Well done to Wendy, Anne, Leonie and Robyn!

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