Club Accreditation Points (CAPS)

Monash Hockey has developed a payment-based process to encourage members to volunteer at the club. Players who do not have the time to volunteer pay a higher membership fee at the beginning of the season, and those that are able to volunteer their time pay a smaller fee to begin with and are also able to earn money back throughout the season.

CAPS Explained

Every year Monash Hockey needs volunteers to fulfil club responsibilities; from canteen duty to umpiring, coaching and helping at social functions. Those who self-select to fulfil at least one of these commitments throughout the season pay smaller membership fees, and are even able to earn money back by taking on extra responsibilities. This system was designed to fairly allocate every club member to a minimum of 1 responsibility throughout the season.

How does it work?

When paying your membership fees, you have the choice to either:

  1. Pay $65 and be allocated to at least 1 club commitment throughout the season, or;
  2. Pay $130 and you will not be required to fulfil any commitments for the club.

For every club commitment you undertake you are able to earn CAPS points, and at the end of the season, you can contact to claim your CAPS points for money.

What’s the benefit?

If you want to make some money doing volunteering for the club there is no limit on how much you can earn. No other club pays its members to do club duties so this is a great incentive to make some easy money throughout the year, as well as helping out your club.

We are always looking for people who want to earn extra money by completing club duties. If you are interested and want to be allocated several shifts throughout the year  and .

What’s each activity worth?

Each CAPS point is worth $5.

1 CAPS point per hour without your RSA
2 CAPS points per hour with your RSA (code required)

1 CAPS points per game for unaccredited Umpires
2 CAPS Points per Game for Accredited Umpires
*On top of that the club will pay you for umpiring the game. So the minimum is $30 per game

If you want to umpire .

What if I’m scheduled to do something but can’t make it?

Whenever possible the club will always try to ensure players are allocated duties when you are available, however, if for some reason you have a clash it is your responsibility to find a replacement. You can ask your teammates, post on our club social media pages and if all else fails then you can  or  and they might be able to assist you.

How do I claim?

Keep track of all your activity and hours and at the end of the season contact to be reimbursed directly.