Fees and Volunteer Levy

2019 vs 2018 Fees: Restructuring explained

The Club has decided to restructure the CAPS system. (If you don’t know what CAPS is, don’t stress as it has been changed). Previously you had to pay regular fees plus a compulsory CAPS fee. To make it a little easier we have lumped it all into one. The Volunteering Levy is the new name for the old non-CAPS fee and is $80.

This aims to encourage more members to volunteer and allows the Club to pay people who volunteer more of their time for the club (yes, you heard that right, you get money if you volunteer more than the minimum).

In addition to this, fees have increased by $5 for Masters+Weekend members and $10 for Open members, but fees have not increase for anyone else.


How much am I paying?

Great question. Follow the flowchart below to find out.

To find out more about the two-portal registration process, click HERE.

If you’re already wised-up about the registration process and want to get started, open up the two portals here:

  • The Hockey Australia Portal – where you will pay a Hockey Australia registration fee AND a Monash University Hockey club membership fee (see above). Click HERE.
  • The Monash University Portal – This is brand new and super important. It ensures we have access to accurate information and are able to better respond in any emergency. It also ensures that you are fully covered by the Monash Sport insurance. Click HERE.

Volunteering and the Volunteering Levy

Monash Hockey has developed a payment-based process to encourage members to volunteer at the club. Players who do not have the time to volunteer pay a higher membership fee at the beginning of the season, and those that are able to volunteer their time pay a smaller fee and are also able to earn money back throughout the season.

Opting to volunteer and pay the smaller membership fee? Fantastic! This goes a huge way in helping to maintain the club and club culture at Monash Hockey that we love so much. All we ask is that you do a few shifts of:

  • Canteen work;
  • Umpiring;
  • Capturing and editing game day footage;
  • Help out at the University orientation stalls; or
  • be on the committee.

Canteen Duties

We want to keep fees as low as possible for members and our biggest avenue for doing this is through the canteen – it reels in the dollars so our wallets don’t have to.

That is why every time there is a match at the clubhouse, we need the canteen to be open and manned.
If you clicked ‘Volunteering Opt-In’ when you paid your registration, it is your responsibility to pop your name down on the canteen roster for 4-5 shifts, pop those times and date in your diary, turn up to the shift on time and swap shifts if you find out you’re unavailable. If you do not turn up to two shifts and haven’t found a replacement, you will be missing a match. We don’t want you to be missing a match but it is THIS important that we have the canteen manned.


Canteen shifts are super easy, and you’re welcome to take a few in a row to pay off your volunteering levy all in one day!


On the day you only have a few responsibilities:
  • Collect/return the keys if you are the first/last of the day.
  • Rummage through cupboards to restock the shelves and fridges.
  • Remind visitors that only the alcohol sold at the Monash Hockey Club Canteen is to be consumed on premises. Strictly NO BYO.
  • If you’re feeling tech-savvy, run the hockey clock and scoreboard.


How many shifts do you need to do to pay off your Volunteer Levy? That depends on if you have a Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) or not.

  • If you do not have an RSA you ear 1 point of every hour that you volunteer.

  • If you have an RSA, you earn 2 points for every hour that you volunteer. Please email your RSA code to Caroline and Taylor at .

You need 13 points to pay off your volunteering levy. Once you have reached your 13 points, you will start earning money! 1 point = $5.00.

Where do I pop my name down for the 2019 Canteen Roster?
What if I can’t make a shift?


If you are unable to make a shift, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. You can ask your teammates, post on our club social media pages and, if all else fails, you can  or Duddy and they might be able to assist you.

Going above and beyond (and getting money for it)

If you opt to volunteer, you will be contacted by a committee member regarding which shifts you can do, and if you pick up extra shifts throughout the year you are able to earn money from them.

For every hour you spend in the canteen beyond your allocation you can earn:

  • $5, if you don’t have an RSA, or
  • $10 if you have an RSA.

For every game you umpire, you can earn:

  • $5 if you are not an accredited umpire, or
  • $10 if you are an Accredited Umpire.

How do I claim the money for the extra volunteering shifts I did throughout the season?

Keep track of all your activity and hours and at the end of the season contact  to be reimbursed directly.