2018 Hockey Registration and Discounts for Keepers!

Hello hello! We’re back in action for the 2018 hockey season and the registration portal is now up and running.

It isĀ very important that you have registered with HV before playing any hockey games including practice matches in pre-season. It’s all fun and games until something hard hits something fleshy and you remember with a grimace that you didn’t complete your HV membership and so aren’t covered by their insurance… tut tut tut.

The earlier you sign up the cheaper it is! Early bird prices end March 31st and save you $25 on the standard registration fees! That’s 20 glazed donuts at Coles #worth

GOAL KEEPERS at Monash University Hockey Club get 70% discount on fees, a big ol’ THANK YOU for providing your own gear and choosing to play with us – you’re a champ.

For more information on fees and timing, please visit our registration page.


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